One of a kind print material for direct display on smooth surfaces, that can be removed without a trace.

Truly unique fabric material, matte photographic print quality that is waterproof, tear resistant and self adhesive. Can be removed from any smooth surface at any time, trace free, or re-positioned. Endless uses including. Special Note to apply material over solid colours as patterns underneath can show through (wallpaper patterns etc). A special blockout version can be ordered to apply to smooth patterned backgrounds such as existing wallpaper (same price).

  • Peel and Stick Gallery
  • Full colour labels (any flat surface)
  • Full colour illustrations or decor
  • Signage of all shapes and sizes
  • Peel and Stick Collage
  • Full Wall Murals
  • Window Decoration (facing in)
  • Scissor trim for unique shapes and graphics
  • Can be laminated for additional protection

Custom sizes from 4×6 to 34×48.

    Installation Instructions

  • Wipe down wall, for shinier surface make sure to wipe down with a all purpose cleaner for best adhesion
  • Mark level lines on wall using strips of painters tape or light pencil marks (using bubble level)
  • Peel back roughly 2″ of release paper at the top and lightly crease (careful not to crimp the graphic)
  • Stick top of graphic at previous level marks
  • Reach behind and slowly slide down release paper, while smoothing graphic surface with a lint free cloth (or SOCK over one hand)
  • Give one more once over smooth with a little pressure (Careful of any Jewelry as it may scratch the image)
  • If misaligned slowly peel back from the bottom and reposition
  • If moving graphic entirely make sure to keep dust and debris from sticking to the adhesive
  • Avoid having adhesive touch itself as it creates a stronger bond and may be difficult to seperate
  • Graphic can be requested to have a satin laminate applied for extra protection eg. Table top (small additional cost)

Many sizes available, sample pricing below

Size Price
8×12 $5.30
12×18 $11.90
16×24 $21.10
20×30 $33.00
24×36 $47.50

Can be found on the “paper prints” tab (“Get Started”)

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