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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes, local pickup is selectable at checkout to those that wish to pickup in the local S.t John's,NL area (no charge).  Our contact information and local store opening hours are available on the contact page.

How are your acrylic prints manufactured?

All of our acrylic prints use our premium lustre print and are mounted to a stiff backing (not to the face acrylic).  This premium mount is then framed under a sheet of crystal clear acrylic for that smooth high gloss image pop (the specially stocked frame keeps it all together for shipping and hanging.

Should I get the standard depth stretched canvas (.75") or the deeper one (1.5")?

This is a personal choice. If the canvas may be framed at a later date we do recommend the standard .75" depth canvas.  For larger canvases, 24x30 and up, we often recommend a deeper bar for display (with no frame) as this can be more proportionate for a larger canvas (but they both look attractive on the wall).

How long does it take?

As a custom framing and printing shop we offer many products and our current production turnaround is approx 5-10 business days (+shipping time depending on location).  This time can be extended by a few days in the Christmas season and order cutoff dates are posted online at this time.

Do I need to register to complete a purchase?

There is no need to register with an account when ordering, but we do require customers to register at checkout time.  This enables you to track your order, received status updates, tracking information, cropping previews (if required) and save you the time entering some information on subsequent orders.  You can register as a customer at anytime prior to an order if you like.  We do recommend registering as a customer even for $0.00 orders such as our special projects tab in order to have all the required information needed when completing an estimate, such as shipping address, billing address, comments, etc.  We do not keep any credit information on file.

I ordered a size that requires cropping, or a specialized product: when will I see a cropping preview?

Our technicians will usually get to cropping previews or custom project previews in 1-2 days.  Regular orders will have the cropping preview updated in the order form with a notice to indicate completion.  For custom projects order image previews will often be sent directly via email. You can follow up at any time right in your order history or via email directly.

How do I change the image for a product I have ordered?

Make sure to email us as soon as you discover that the wrong version of a file was uploaded.  Once we receive the new file (usually via direct email contact) we will update your order to reflect the new information and any cropping preview (a notice will go out via email as well).

I have just finished an order and wish to add another product to ship with the rest: do I have to pay double shipping?

Don't panic. A subsequent order can be placed within a couple of day period in order to ship with the previous order (no extra shipping charged).  Make sure when filling out the extra order(s) to select "local pickup" when the time comes and put a note in the comment section to ship with your previously paid order (don't forget the note so we can match you up with your previous order).

Will you process an order if you think the file is not suitable or corrupted in some way?

Our standard order procedure will make suggestions as to a maximum suggested size or proportionate sizes with no cropping.  If a product is ordered and we feel that the image really does not suit the size or cropping request, we will contact you via email to see if an alternative file is available or other solution.  If compromise can be found we will issue a full or partial refund (if only one part of your order was in question).  Note that we do not recommend artificially upsizing your file with graphics software in order for the website to make a largest maximum size suggestion (if it looks blurry on your computer or device it will print blurry).

I need my order by a specific date: what should I do?

Occasionally we can bump orders ahead a little bit to make sure to send by a certain day (within reason) in order to arrive by a certain time.  Make sure to make full use of the comment section at the checkout in order to add such a note, we will make every attempt to accomplish your goal or we will email with a note whether the request is possible or not (we can always issue a refund if we are unable to comply with a request).

I only have a PO box: can you still ship to me?

No problem, all of shipping within Canada and the U.S.A. is handled via Canada Post and USPS (where required) which enables safe, timely shipping to all of Canada without any extra surcharges or duties.

I have a special project in mind and do not see the options listed in the order area. Do you offer products that are not listed online?

Yes, as a full service print shop and custom framing location we can offer many specialized products.  We will even manufacture custom items such as coasters, and porcelain ornaments on a wholesale basis.  Feel free to use our special projects tab to order any custom products such as our Stock photo canvas, Wordle (word art) canvases, split panel canvas ( you won't know if you don't ask).

Do you offer drop shipping (sending an order to my client)?

Yep, we can ship directly to your customer/client/receiver anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A. .  No invoicing or information is included with shipment (ever).  Our normal return address of "shipping dept" Country Keepsakes (etc), is used on the return label.  If you prefer we can enter your own return address if it is included in the comment section of your order (make sure to include the return address for any drop ship order - we do not keep track of this an need to manually change the return addresses included on shipments).

I do not like to leave my credit card details online (even on a secure site). Can I pay another way?

If you would like to arrange a different payment type (direct transfer, mailed check, call with credit card details etc) you can select "contact with payment" at checkout time.  Your order will show up as a pending order until arrangements are made and we adjust your order status.

I noticed that some other canvas sites offer coupons: do you?

Not very often. Our preference is to offer what we deem is our best price to every customer who uses our services.  With all the coupons available in our industry it is hard for consumers to know what is a fair "suggested retail" price for our custom products. 

Typically our everyday prices are usually less expensive than many "deals" being offered.  We always enjoy seeing regular customer names show up again and again and take this as a compliment of the quality and pricing our our work.  Occasionally we will have a small sale to promote a new item, or send a coupon code directly to previous customers based on a marketing reason.

I am a professional photographer. Do you offer a separate pricing structure?

See above. We offer our best price available to all customers everyday. Note that no pricing information is ever included in packages (in case you would like to drop ship items).  We do not offer a sample program but many pro consumers will order a small sample to check out our quality workmanship and colour calibration.

My order was damaged in shipping. What do I do now?

No problem. With any shipment or damage/flaw issues feel free to contact us directly via email and we will see what we can do to fix any issues. Based on our custom packaging for every order we have few shipping damages (so small it is not even a quotable percentage),and always make quick work of sending replacements.

What type of payments do you accept?

Currently we offer Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal directly and securely online.  With use of our "contact with payment" selection at checkout we can make alternative arrangements to apply payment to your order, prior to order completion (ex: call with credit card details, direct e-transfer, mailed cheque, etc).

Do you ship to the U.S.A. as well?

Sure, we ship to the United States all the time, particularly for special project ideas such as our Wordle art canvases, and stock photo orders.  All pricing online is in Canadian dollars.

What conditions should I hang my canvas in?

We get asked this a lot.  We recommend hanging stretched canvas indoors only in a humidity/temperature space.  Humidity of 35-60 % range is recommended in order for canvas to maintain its tightness and shape.  Special note that when humidity drops under 30% (Canadian winter) that the wood in a stretched canvas will shrink slightly which can create a slightly loose stretch.  We recommend the addition of a humidifier when this occurs in the space that canvas is hung in and any slackened canvas will pop right back to shape as the wood adjusts to the more humid conditions.  We are unable to replace canvas that has slackened due to low humidity as they return to their original state with the rebalancing of humidity levels.

Note that our production shop is kept between 35-55% humidity year round and all canvas, paper, mat board, wood moulding will go out at a controlled humidity level.

How do I clean my product?

Most products that we manufacture require only light dusting in order to clean.  Note that all canvas is coated for protection against moisture and abrasion and can be wiped without worry of damage (don't take them in the tub, or put in the dishwasher).

I am concerned with how my image looks on my monitor (or device): is there a way to request some image optimization?

See above: you can request to have us optimize your image at any time (no charge).  Normally, we print all images using the supplied image with no changes but we can "tweak" them upon request (order form or at check out).

Can I add text or special effects to my image?

We are not set up to allow onsite image editing, but we will print whatever you send us in a file.  See our idea area for recommendations on free online creative editing (two very good websites listed) and for collage creation.

I like to shoot in adobeRGB, do I need to convert my jpegs to another space before printing?

No problem, as a professional printer we will always use "any" embedded working space and we default to sRGB in the event that no working space is embedded.  Special note for lightroom users in that we do not recommend prophotoRGB when converting to 8bit images (this tends to create colour ranges that are not as smooth as they should be compared to adobeRGB or sRGB).

I am a graphic artist, should I work in CMYK or RGB for my designs?

We always recommend doing all design work in RGB as this will yield the best screen match and printing results.  CMYK is not as relevant today as our printers use 12 separate colours for a range that is much larger than 4 colour CMYK (recipe) can achieve.  The best analogy would be trying to make a black forest cake with a recipe that only calls for cocoa, milk, and a cherry.

What type of file can I upload for my order?

The website is designed to work best with jpeg images, allowing file preview, size analysis and recommendations based on your upload.  If converting from a RAW or TIFF file we recommend using the max or 100% quality settings (these files will be indistinguishable from the lossless format).

I have a different file type: what should I do now?

If you only have a file that is not a jpeg ( such as .pdf, .psd, .png, .tiff etc) and lack the knowledge to convert it to a flat file jpeg, you can upload it via our special projects tab and enter as much detail about your required order (size, product, etc).  We will load the image and review your order and also edit your order at this time  (entering, description, jpeg preview, price etc).

I only have a link to the image I would like printed or prefer to use a service such as Dropbox to send my image.

Some of our custom project ideas require sending a link to an "printable" image (Wordle order, or stock canvas image).  If you would like to use this feature or would prefer to use a file sending service, you can use our special projects tab in the order area and describe your project as fully as possible, at which point we will review your order and update your order with description, pricing, and jpeg preview (make sure to add a link for each product which will initially have a price of $0.00)

Should I upsize my file to a specific resolution for printing?

No, we prefer to do any required upsizing of images on our end using specialized software.  We are also able to determine and suggest a maximum recommended size based on the original pixels of the uploaded image. We also do not recommend downsizing to a specific size (simply send us the largest original resolution image) although if you prefer to pre-crop that is great too!

Can you print from a "Facebook" file link?

No, while Facebook is great for fun and games and keeping in contact with your social groups, it is a very poor archive for images. Between heavy shrinking of images and aggressive compression algorithm we recommend never printing from a Facebook hosted image. Send us the original digital camera image or contact the poster to see if they have it available to send to you.

I would like to get an "Instagram" canvas done: how do I go about that?

While we do not recommend printing a hosted Instagram image past a 12x12 image, you may still be in luck. If you can find the Instagram folder on your portable device (gallery), you will often find the original image with all the Instagram effects applied, these images are usually at the initial resolution that the camera took them at and could be perfect for printing (only the hosted Instagram images are rescaled smaller).

Will my print match my monitor?

All of our printers, paper, and monitors are strictly calibrated in-house and we will match a hardware calibrated monitor very closely. We cannot guarantee perfect matches to monitors that are not specifically hardware calibrated (but most modern monitors are fairly close to proper colour). If you are unsure about how your file looks on screen you can always request to have one of our colour technicians optimize the image based on their best judgement (no charge).

When I prepare my file should I include extra space around the edge for canvas wrapping?

No, every one of our canvas edges styles require NO extra cropping (the image shows entirely on the face of the canvas, we will add the edge as required).  If you are adding a digital signature or text we do recommend staying away from the very edge of the file a little bit as a very small 1/10" is required to go over the edge for wrap purposes.

How can I request to convert my image from colour to black and white?

See above: same rules apply - let us know and we will fullfill your request to the best of our abilities (sorry no people or wire removal etc.).

How big should my file be to make a suitable sized print, and how large can I go?

When sending us a file the order form will automatically suggest proportionate sizes for ordering along with a suggested maximum size. The rule of thumb that we use is to divide your overall original pixel size by 72 to achieve a maximum recommended inch dimension.(Sizes larger than this are possible but not recommended due to printing outcome).  We will always print from 200dpi and resize in-house where required using specialized resizing software.

Can you split my image over multiple canvases?

Sure thing, we do this all the time.  See our idea area for "how to" on ordering split panel canvases (free previewing for orders once we determine the best or desired split).

Can I print a collage?

Yes, we will print any suitable sized file you send in.  Our idea area on the website contains a "how to" for designing your collage with free online editors (they are not all created equally).

I can't find pricing for a custom size product: do you offer different sizes?

All of our products are created from scratch and we treat every order as a custom order.  Note that if you are ordering a size that is not listed in the proportionate sizes that some cropping will be required and a preview will be updated in the order form once one of our technicians crops the file.  Note that some custom product sizes may be only available as local pickup or shipped as a restricted product type (i.e. rolled canvas vs stretched canvas).

Is all of your printing considered archival?

All of our papers, canvas, and framed acrylic prints are considered archival and classify under the fine art printers guild as a giclee (if you want to use that term). All products are suitable for indoor display for decades of fade resistant enjoyment.

Is my canvas protected in any way?

All canvas is either film coated or spray coated for protection against abrasion, and light protection (this is standard).

How much of my image will I lose over the edge when ordering a canvas?

We only require a small 1/10th inch of wrap over the edge in order for stretching (all of our canvas edges will show the image on the face of the canvas as you see it in the preview).

Do you have a gallery or location where I can see printed examples?

Not Anymore,  effect April of 2021 our business has moved entirely online.  Many of our professional customers will order a small sample canvas to gauge the quality and construction of our products.

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