While most digital labs are offering thin 7-9 mil thick prints with limited colour range, we offer the best papers we can source to reproduce stunning colour results.

At Canvas Canada we offer two main paper options for all your photo and fine art reproduction needs. Not only do we source heavy weight photo stock for printing, but we also leave an additional white border on all of our prints for easy handling and framing purposes. Paper prints are a great way to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Our inks and papers will accurately render even the most colourful piece with unmatched colour accuracy and long-lasting quality.

Lustre/Pearl (12mil, 300gsm)

Heavy weight (one of the highest in its class) e-surface paper that produces a wide colour gamut and has a rich, quality feel you will notice immediately. This paper is our main paper for photo prints and with "professional" rate pricing is hard to beat in quality and price. All of our photo prints up to 30"x38" will ship flat and custom sizes that exceed 30" in width will ship loosely rolled.

100% Cotton Fine Art (16mil, 315gsm, flat matte)

Fine art paper is our main art reproduction paper of choice. With its smooth finish and high colour gamut this paper produces exceptional fine art giclee reproductions (and at a fraction of the price of some printing houses). Fine Art matte 100% cotton paper offers rich black and white images and quality tonal work. Matte prints can be mounted directly under glass with no separation and no worries that the surface will stick to the glass.

Peel and Stick Prints

Truly unique fabric material, matte photographic print quality that is waterproof, tear resistant and self adhesive. Can be removed from any smooth surface at any time, trace free, or re-positioned. Endless uses including. Special Note to apply material over solid colours as patterns underneath can show through (wallpaper patterns etc). A special blockout version can be ordered to apply to smooth patterned backgrounds such as existing wallpaper (same price).

  • Peel and Stick Gallery
  • Full colour labels (any flat surface)
  • Full colour illustrations or decor
  • Signage of all shapes and sizes
  • Peel and Stick Collage
  • Full Wall Murals
  • Window Decoration (facing in)
  • Scissor trim for unique shapes and graphics
  • Can be laminated for additional protection

Custom sizes from 4x6 to 34x48.

    Installation Instructions

  • Wipe down wall, for shinier surface make sure to wipe down with a all purpose cleaner for best adhesion
  • Mark level lines on wall using strips of painters tape or light pencil marks (using bubble level)
  • Peel back roughly 2" of release paper at the top and lightly crease (careful not to crimp the graphic)
  • Stick top of graphic at previous level marks
  • Reach behind and slowly slide down release paper, while smoothing graphic surface with a lint free cloth (or SOCK over one hand)
  • Give one more once over smooth with a little pressure (Careful of any Jewelry as it may scratch the image)
  • If misaligned slowly peel back from the bottom and reposition
  • If moving graphic entirely make sure to keep dust and debris from sticking to the adhesive
  • Avoid having adhesive touch itself as it creates a stronger bond and may be difficult to seperate
  • Graphic can be requested to have a satin laminate applied for extra protection eg. Table top (small additional cost)

Many sizes available, sample pricing below

Size Price
8x12 $5.30
12x18 $11.90
16x24 $21.10
20x30 $33.00
24x36 $47.50

Can be found on the "paper prints" tab ("Get Started")

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