Experience & Technology

Our friendly and professional staff are exceptionally helpful and provide simple guidance which creates a pleasant and easy process for you to get your project completed.

When you’re trying to decide on a piece of artwork for your home or as a gift, you want to know that the product you’re getting not only looks good when you buy it, but will continue to look good with age. Our technology and expert service will ensure that the longevity of your artwork is maintained and will always provide you with the same sense of awe as when you first hung it.


Our staff are ready to assist you in each step of your project’s needs: from receiving a quote to placing your custom order. We offer each and every customer professional pricing. Also, when it comes to the printing and assembly of your product, our attention to detail can't be beat. When you hang a work of art in your home, the only thing people should focus on is how beautiful it is. And to do this, we make sure that we provide expert and elegant canvas printing and finishing.


Our technology provides a superior customer experience. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are able to digitally preview your order. 

Place your trust in our experienced colour technicians with our archival quality, fade resistant, 12-ink colour premium printing process. We believe that a human eye is necessary to achieve the best possible colour for your print needs; this is why we have trained and experienced colour technicians and we do not use robots for this process. Additionally, we offer premium canvas coatings for superior protection against fading, abrasion, and moisture.

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