Certain applications require a canvas to be rolled, but not stretched. If that's what you need, we can make it happen.

Our rolled canvas option is best for clients who plan on stretching their own work or mounting the canvas in some other manner. This method allows you to take full artistic control on how your mounting is done, or how you use your printed canvas. 


Rolled Canvas is available in most custom sizes with maximum width being 40” and 8ft maximum length. 

Our custom sized canvases are priced exactly like our standard size prices.

2” Margin 

Every canvas that is printed and coated will have a 2” minimum of white margin/border for stretching purposes. This is automatically included in your order and there is no need to include the border in the file you submit. 

This is standard practice as each rolled canvas is printed ¼”  larger all around in order to use standard size stretcher bars, and it allows for easier centering.

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