Collages are a great way to display multiple images at once, or to break up a single image into smaller parts for a unique perspective.

At Canvas Canada we offer a free, easy to use collage option. Design your own custom collage to suit your needs. Create a collage from your favourite images, add text and effects, or even download a selection of the millions of high-resolution desktop wallpapers or stock photos (and create a unique themed collage).

The free collage editor is compliments of They also offer a feature-rich single image editor that’s great for retouching, effects and colour-correction.

Get Started

Step 1

Head on over to the website and click the Collage button on top. If you go with the free option you can use the photo grid option and start from a template or design your project from scratch. For a low price of $40.00/year you can expand the options out to include their many unique premium templates and features.

Step 2

Upload the photos into the photo tab and start arranging them (experiment a little bit with the controls). All you have to do is drag and drop the images into the grid (or drag to add them as new grid squares). You can also change the arrangement of the grid to better match the photos you're using. We recommend sizing your original template (bottom of design area) as large as possible - for a square 4000x4000 (rectangle keep the longest side at 4000 (maximum pixel size for clear printing and bigger options)


Step 3

Experiment with Text, photo effects, backgrounds, photo borders, rounded corners etc. When you have it set the way you like make sure to click the "Save" feature at the top and keep the file somewhere safe. If you are a premium subscriber you can even save your current project to work on at a later time. (note we usually recommend a solid colour for backgrounds to facilitate your canvas edges)


Step 4

Upload your file to Canvas Canada -Get Started, complete the order process as per normal, and add to cart! (if you are going with aluminum prints make sure to size your original collage proportionately)

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